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 (B6) Assult on the Stronghold

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PostSubject: (B6) Assult on the Stronghold   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:02 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Roan Fierceheart in Dalada Uplands will prepare you for the assault.
* Invade the hierophant's stronghold and rescue the Ebon Vanguard
* Defeat the Charr guards and gain control of the siege devourers
* Target archer groups with siege devourers to cover the armored saurus while it breaks down the front gates
* Free the Ebon Vanguard held captive within the fortress.
* Defeat Hierophant Burntsoul and all hostile forces.

First of all, you will meet Roan Fierceheart and the rest of the warband right after loading. They will tell you to take care of the left Siege Devourer while they handle the right one. Do as they say and kill the Charr group guarding the left Devourer, the warband will have no problems with the right one. You can leave them alone at the right side for the rest of this part.

Once you have captured the Devourer, you can command it to attack either the archers (Charr Seekers) at the left bluff or the ones to the left of the gate. At each of these two points, there are four Seekers, which it will attack then. Around every 10 seconds, three melee Charr will spawn at the teleporter located below the first group of seekers. These will move to your Devourer and attack it. Defeat those Charr whenever they spawn.

An Armored Saurus will move to the gate in an attempt to break it. If there are all 16 Charr Seekers (two groups of 4 on each side of the gate), it won't even reach the gate. If it dies, another one will spawn shortly thereafter and give it another try. The seekers will also receive reinforcements once one dies.

The easiest way to finish the mission is taking a party of ranged attackers and moving in with your party to kill one group after another. For this purpose, designate one player to tank all the attacks. This player should then be enchanted with Shield of Absorption and he will be invincible, because there are many damage sources (Seekers use Conjure Flame and Ignite Arrows combined with Dual Shot), stacking protection from Shield of Absorption. While he tanks them, have elementalists or other ranged attackers kill the Seekers. It is very important that you don't stand close to one another, because Ignite Arrows will quickly finish off your whole party if you do.

Another way to gain entry to the gate is to have your party close right in to it and die. There is a res shrine on the far side of the gate, that if you are close enough will have you respawn inside the gates, rather than at the shrine behind the devourers. From there you can continue with the mission as though the gates had been broken. If you choose to do the mission in this way, you can ignore the large group of charr at the gate, except for the elite guards. You must kill them to finish the mission.

The gate may also be broken by using the seige destroyers to eliminate the Charr Seekers. First target the bluffs on each side. When the Armored Saurus spawns, switch the destroyers to attack the seekers at the gate. Enough should be killed to allow the Saurus to make it to the gate. There he will be shielded from attack and knock down the gate.

Also you can take two minion master hero's and a bonder hero and flag a minion master at each destroyer and flag the rest of your group in the middle and go along defending the destroyers till the Armored Saurus spawns and have your bonder hero bond the armored saurus.The armored saurus should have no trouble breaking down the gate.

Once the gate is broken, you can go inside. There will be a huge group of Charr waiting, which will retreat once you come close. They will leave two parties to the left and the right of your way. Simply finish them off and go on.

At the ceremonial place, the Charr hordes will be awaiting when Hierophant Burntsoul will command the destroyers to be released. Move into one Charr's aggro range to cause the destroyers to come and then immediately go back again. Now lean back and watch the imposing fight Charr vs. Destroyer. Once they are finished, quickly jump in to finish off the remaining destroyers while they are still damaged.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, when using heroes and henchmen, it may be difficult to split the team and defend both Devourers while surviving attacks of constantly respawning Charrs. There is however an easy solution. Flag your team at one Devourer (the one on the right, so you get help from friendly NPCs) and leave the other one alone. The other Devourer will die quickly however the Charrs on its side will just wander around and no more of them will spawn there. Just defend the remaining Devourer and wait for Armored Saurus to appear.

With several Charr archers on the left flank it is impossible for Saurus to reach the gate. However all you need is a Protection Monk (or in fact any character with enough points spent into Protection Prayers) follow the Saurus and cast Mark of Protection on it when its HP is almost depleted. This will heal Saurus back to 100% and make it immune to archers damage for the next 10 seconds, allowing to safely reach the gate. After casting MoP, Monk should retreat to team's position since no Charrs will shoot other targets as long as Saurus is alive. This task can be also easily handled by a Hero since all is needed to do is cast one spell at the right time. Repeat that once or twice and the gate will go down. After that use Devourers to kill remaining Charr archers and proceed into the base.

The rest of the job is done similar to other hard mode missions with proper pulling of targets (make sure to let the Charrs kill the spawned Destroyers before you engage). Watch out for heavy AoE damage of Elementalist boss. Try to lure his initial wave of spells on a single puller. Bring a Minion Master to make the initial part of this mission even easier.

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(B6) Assult on the Stronghold
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