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 (B4) Warband of Brothers

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PostSubject: (B4) Warband of Brothers   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:00 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Rescue each member of Pyre Fierceshot's warband from the Cathedral of Flames.
* Rescue Seer Fiercereign.
* Rescue Cowl Fiercetongue.
* Rescue Roan Fierceheart.
* Slay Flamemaster Maultooth.
Most of this dungeon will be fairly simple and straightforward to progress through. Watch out for Charr Flameshielders and their AoE spells, especially if your party is composed of heroes and henchmen. Also be warned that Charr warriors carry Resurrection Signets and Charr Dominators have Resurrection Chant.

Head along the hallway until you come to what looks like a dining room with several small groups of Charr. Take them out and look for the Charr Prison Guard or Charr Prison Lock. The Charr Prison Guard holds the key that you need to unlock the door. While trying to kill it, the Charr Prison Guard may attempt to run to other groups of Charr. Crippling skills or body blocking will speed things up. Once you have the key, unlock the gate to find the first of Charr's warband brothers, Seer Fiercereign, a ritualist. Head to the other door on this level and down into the next level.

The second level has only slightly larger groups of Charr. Follow in the general direction of the quest marker and you'll soon see a lone Charr Prison Guard. He will attempt to run away. Just kill it and grab the key. Follow the path around and towards the next prison. Unlock it to find Cowl Fiercetongue inside, an elementalist. The quest marker will update and point to the exit to the next level. Head towards it. When you start seeing Bloodweavers, be careful. There are several hidden groups of spiders in the chamber with the exit.

On the final level, it is more or less the same. The third Charr Prison Guard is easy to spot. Take it out and grab the third key to free the monk Roan Fierceheart. Roan does not possess any healing skills, but he is useful in keeping hexes off your party and keeping enchantments off your enemies. One more Charr Prison Guard holds the key to the inner temple where Maultooth is located.
When you reach the central chamber of the inner temple, Maultooth will activate a pair of Charr Effigies. They are dangerous elementalists and lethal against unprepared teams. Try to pull them from the side so that the two of them won't activate their highly damaging skills at the same time. Be aware that two Charr Flameshielders and two Charr Axemasters may also join the fray. Maultooth's group of two other Charr can be kept out of the fight with careful pulling. Take them on only after killing the Charr Effigies' group. Focus on Maultooth and interrupt his skills and he will go down quickly.

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(B4) Warband of Brothers
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