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 (B3) The Dawn Of Rebellion

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PostSubject: (B3) The Dawn Of Rebellion   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:59 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Kill the Charr Shaman, Scorch Maulclaw, at Doomlore Shrine.
* Clear the entrance to the Cathedral of Flames.
* See Gron Fierceclaw [Merchant] for your reward.

When you enter Dalada Uplands go ahead and make your way to the green marker. Clear the way of annoying bands of charr and mantids. Go ahead and defeat the group of charr guards and the hunter that appears after the seeker is dead. Then, return to when you first started. There will be a half circle of Charr seekers just south-east of the entrance into Dalada Uplands. Get rid of them and look for the siege devourer grazing nearby. Defeat it and you can ride it back to the green marker.

The easiest way is for you in the siege devourer to stay in the entrance while you have the rest of your target take out the two groups on the left and ride. This will not aggro the boss. Then have everyone target - yourself including - Scorch Maulclaw. He will easily die.

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(B3) The Dawn Of Rebellion
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