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 (B2) Against The Charr

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PostSubject: (B2) Against The Charr   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:57 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Search the Charr camp to the east for signs of the Vanguard captives.
* *OPTIONAL* Find Ways to weaken the Charr garrison.
* *OPTIONAL* Intercept the Charr supply caravan. Use Charr Explosive charges to disable it.
* *OPTIONAL* Destroy the watchtowers with explosive charges. 0..2 of 2 destroyed.
* *OPTIONAL* Employ the siege devourers to fire explosive charges at the garrison. 0..2 of 2 fired.
* Defeat Harvest Soulreign.

Shortly after the cutscene, your party will be attacked by a small group of Charr. Dispatch them, then move on. Your party has the choice of assaulting the Charr garrison, or participating in optional objectives to weaken the garrison. The optional objectives are not difficult as long as you don't get overwhelmed by the roaming patrols.

Charr Firereigners drop explosive charges after they are defeated. These charges are used to destroy the supply caravan (optional objective 1), destroy the watchtowers (optional objective 2), and launched by the siege devourers at the garrison (optional objective 3). Either have a caster in your party carry the charges, or wait until you are ready to use them. Once the charge is placed on the ground, it detonates.

The supply caravan (location number 1 on the map) is guarded be a few groups of Charr. Dispatch them, and then use an explosive charge to destroy the caravan. The siege devourers (locations number 2 and 4 on the map) are guarded by one or two groups of Charr. Dispatch them, then feed an explosive charge to the devourer. Shortly after the devourer launches a charge, he will be bombarded and killed. The watchtowers (locations number 3 and 5 on the map) are guarded by one or two groups of Charr. Again, dispatch them and destroy the tower.

The garrison (location 6 on the map) consists of several groups of Charr in a small area. Use normal pulling strategies to separate the groups and dispatch them accordingly. Then, move in and destroy Harvest Soulreign. This will lead to a cutscene and begin The Dawn of Rebellion.

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(B2) Against The Charr
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