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 (A5) Genius Operated Enchanted Manifestation

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PostSubject: (A5) Genius Operated Enchanted Manifestation   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:52 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Mamp in Rata Sum will brief you on the defenses
* Protect each golem kiln as it heats up.
* Learn how to deploy each golem into battle.
* Raze the Destroyers hive.
* Drop an Asuran beacon obtained from Sokka to summon golem reinforcements.
* Defeat the Bringer of Destruction protecting the hive.

Oola and Gadd will each take a side. Your party has two choices:

1. Split to defend each side, keeping behind the bridge to gain the NPC support. Destroyers will attack in small waves until the kiln is heated. Once heated, the waves will cease, so it is safe to regroup.
2. Run between the two sides, defending each Golem the best you can. Don't worry about Oola and Gadd, they will respawn if no other enemies are in their radar.

Then talk with Sokka to have him follow you and hand out Asuran Beacons to produce a pair of G.O.L.E.M. 1.0s. Since they follow you, there is no sense waiting to create them as soon as you can. You may have two golems at any time, and if one dies, talk to Sokka and drop the beacon to create a replacement. Interacting with a golem will toggle it between waiting and following. Fight your way around the chasm and you'll see a burnt area on the map guarded by many Destroyers. Defeat the Bringers of Destruction (you do not necessarily need to kill the rest) to complete the quest.


An alternative approach that works well when you're with hench & hero, is to avoid having the destroyers attack the golems at all.

Do not approach Sokka at the start, instead turn right and head directly to the destroyers. They can then be cleared as a full party, as they will not attack the Golems before you return to the centre.

Once you have killed all the destroyers that are there, you can keep the party at the edge of the burnt area (flag if using hench&hero) while someone runs back and activates the quest. Destroyers will then begin to spawn and will be intercepted by your party, while the eighth party member returns to join the fight. If you have a Minion Master, there should be no problem holding off the destroyers as they spawn as two patrols of two destroyers each.

Once these patrols have been destroyed and the Golems have reached full health, you can move in and defeat the Bringers of Destruction.

Bug! Sometimes a G.O.L.E.M. spawns with unlimited health

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(A5) Genius Operated Enchanted Manifestation
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