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 (A4) A Little Help

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PostSubject: (A4) A Little Help   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:50 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-

You must have done Finding The Bloodstone and The Elusive Geomancer before you can do this quest.


* Seek Renk in Riven Earth and recruit him for the project.
* Meet Renk at his laboratory in Alcazia Tangle once you've recruited Gadd and Oola.
* Eliminate the Destroyers.
* Speak to Renk.
* Talk to Mamp in Rata Sum regarding the G.O.L.E.M. project.

Exit Rata Sum into Magus Stones. Head South. Along the way, there will only be spider enemies–mostly rangers and paragons. There are five groups total: 3 regular, 2 pop-ups.

As you reach the portal to Alcazia Tangle, there is one group of Krait. After this group is dispatched, you will have killed only 24 enemies, consider snagging the other group of Krait if you want the Asura rank bonus.

From the portal in Alcazia Tangle, cross the bridge and head South to South-East. This area is populated with Dinosaurs, the first of which you'll meet is 3 dervish Ferothrax on a patrol. The second patrol group you'll encounter is a Raptor group with the assassin boss, Pywatt the Swift.

From here, take the lower Southern path. Hug the right stone wall and be wary of patrolling Raptors. After a short distance, turn right into a passage littered with Asuran corpses. Renk is here with a group of 4 Destroyers. After a while, they will attack Renk, but if he dies he will revive himself so feel free to ignore him.

Speak with Renk. Travel to Rata Sum and speak to Mamp for your reward.

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(A4) A Little Help
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