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 (A4) The Elusive Geomancer

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PostSubject: (A4) The Elusive Geomancer   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:49 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Enter Oola's Lab through the secret entrance Blimm revealed to you.
* Find a golem to circumvent the security system.
* Discover a way to access the next laboratory level.
* Search the room for a passage leading further into the laboratory.
* Survive the fiery gauntlet.
* Open the security lock.
* Defeat the indestructible golem.
* Confront the mysterious voice.

You begin this dungeon quest in a room filled with worker golems and sentry golems, none of which are hostile. Talk to the worker golems - one will accept a command to pull the lever which opens the entrance to Oola's lab. Activating this golem will turn the majority of the sentry golems online, and they will become hostile when approached.

Bug! Occasionally the worker golem will not pull the lever and say "Invalid Command" when spoken to. If this happens you must restart.

You are now warned not to pull the lever in the next room. There is no choice, however, and using the lever will both open a new exit and activate the sentry golems, making them hostile. You can fight or simply run to the exit.

You will now be in a room with a mystical keyholder. There is another such device around the corner to the east. On using the first device you will pick up a bundle item (Crystalline Key) which activates the room's sentry golems. Drop the bundle to deactivate them. These golems respawn indefinitely until the bundle is placed in the second mystical keyholder, at which point they deactivate completely. It is best to have a party member with running skills for this part, though it is quite possible to do without. Tip: Drop the bundle if a teammate is low on health, thus halting the attacking golems. NOTE: Be careful when using henchmen, the sentries can body block them and if you rush to the keyholder they can get trapped, and once the key is in they keyholder, you can't get them back.

The next challenge is a room filled with fire darts, sentry golems (some already hostile, and some which become hostile as you approach), and another worker golem. The mysterious voice will taunt you again. The sole worker golem has a fire protection aura that will protect you against the Fire Darts. It will slowly walk back and forth from your end of the room to the other. The intent is that your entire party stay in it's shielded area, which protects against damage and burning. This becomes difficult to do as you encounter sentry golems in your path. Body blocking can halt the worker's progression temporarily, giving you time to fight. The golem stops a few steps short of safety so your party will have to run a few steps under dart attacks. It is not possible to disable the Fire Dart machines. If part of your party is left behind, the worker golem will be back. Do not try to rush through the darts and catch up.

Sometimes the protective aura will progress ahead of the Golem. Stay inside the aura's graphic when it does this.

There is a resurrection shrine at this point. Up some stairs will be a large room with many golem bodies, sentry golems, and three worker golems. The mysterious voice will again encourage you to give up. Some are hostile, some will become hostile if you approach them. The objective here is to activate the worker golems ("follow mode engaged") and lead them to three touchplates near where you entered the room. They should "engage stationary mode" once on top of the touchplates. If not, activating the golem again should do so. One worker golem is already placed for you.

The door opens. The mysterious voice speaks again. You are now is a room with an "Indestructible Golem", a bundle item (Flux Matrix) and an interactive Unstable Magical Energy Storage. The golem will not take damage, though some hexes (such as Insidious Parasite) do appear to work.

Run past the Indestructible Golem and pick up the Flux Matrix [bundle item). Click on the Unstable Magical Energy Source to "charge" the bundle item. Drop it beside the Indestructible Golem to cause 1337 points of damage. Repeat procedure and refill the bundle item at the Unstable Magical Energy Source after each drop. It should take 3 drops to destroy the golem.

You are almost through the quest. One more room remains, filled with Sentry Golems and Golem Sentries. Only the Golem Sentries will be (or become) hostile. Oola is in this room, and as you approach her you will trigger a her cutscene.

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(A4) The Elusive Geomancer
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