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 Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-

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PostSubject: Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:47 am

(A2) Finding The Bloodstone


* Help Gadd and Livia reach the Bloodstone in the depths below.
* Defeat Inscribed Sentries and decipher their inscriptions to open passageways.
* Destroy the Inscribed Guardian protecting the Bloodstone.

This whole Mission is under the effect of Aura of the Bloodstone, which will heal all nearby creatures when a creature dies. Watch out for pop-ups along the way.

On level 1, walk down into the bigger area first. Gadd will then comment about an inscribed creature to the south-east. Walk to the east first, then, when he says so, to the south. Finish off the Inscribed Sentry, walk back north and walk through the portal when Gadd has opened it. (Aura of the Bloodstone heals for 20hp on this level)

On level 2, again, walk to the south-east. You will then enter a room filled of undead with a huge group of Skeletal Hounds as guards. Have one of your party tank them all while the others finish them and it will be a piece of cake. Inside, some of the undead will be friendly, some hostile, and in their midst, the Inscribed Sentry will patrol with a group of undead. It is possible to lure him out alone and kill him. Once he is finished, all undead will die. Walk further to the south-east and pass through the portal. (Aura of the Bloodstone heals for 40hp on this level)

On level 3, Gadd will tell you to go west. Do so and you will reach a room full of Enchanted with an Inscribed Guardian in their middle. There are 4 friendly Enchanted Scythes around the Bloodstone. These will turn hostile once you attack the Guardian. The Guardian is a necromancer boss, so finish it first. Once it's dead, the mission is finished. (Aura of the Bloodstone heals for 60hp on this level)

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Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-
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