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 (A1) Finding Gadd

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PostSubject: (A1) Finding Gadd   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:46 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Head southeast to the Shards of Orr. Use the Asura Gate inside the entrance to gain access to Gadd's Encampment. Rendezvous there with Bartholos.
* Join Livia and Gadd in Sparkfly Swamp.
* Assist Livia with collecting inscriptions from the inscribed ettins. You have collected 0...3 of 3 inscriptions.
* Return to the entrance of the Bloodstone Caves.
* Talk to Gadd.
* Activate the inscription and gain entrance to the Bloodstone Caves.

This is a fairly long quest and should have around 50min devoted to it. To get to the Shards of Orr dungeon start at Vlox's falls and head southeast. The Krait along the way should be relatively easy, but once inside the dungeon it is very helpful to take your time with the zombies and skeletons. Two groups at once will be very dangerous to the party. Another simple solution is to bring 3 heros with "Charge!" and stagger their casts. You can run right past the enemies. Once Gadd's Encampment is reached talk to Bartholos. Head outside and to the right towards the Bloodstone Caves. At first you cannot enter the Bloodstone caves, luckily Gadd will be able to lift the seal by deciphering inscriptions that are tattooed on nearby Inscribed Ettins. Follow the quest markers to each of the 3 ettins, after killing them make sure Livia gets close enough to extract the inscriptions. There are many roaming Raptor groups in this area, you may want to take care of them before engaging the Ettins. Return to the cave entrance to let Gadd decipher the inscriptions and collect your reward from the Inscription Pedestal.

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(A1) Finding Gadd
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