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 Sequence of Missions

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PostSubject: Sequence of Missions   Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:46 am

1. At the first fork in the storyline, before mission 7, you must choose to follow either Margrid the Sly or the Master of Whispers, each of which will lead you through two quests to a mission. Choosing one path will prevent you from gaining the other hero until you have completed the campaign. This will not, however, prevent you from completing the other mission (although it is not required that you do so). To gain access to the other mission, you must:

Choose your hero, and complete the quests so your hero joins your party.

Travel to the other mission outpost on your own, since you will not be able to do the primary quests that lead to it.

Party with someone who did choose that fork in order to enter the mission with the required hero in the party.
2. The path you take on the second fork, at mission 10, is determined by your choice on the first fork. As in the first fork, you may (but are not required to) complete the alternative mission at any time, subject to the same requirements noted above.
3. The third fork is different. The two quests to access Jennur's Horde and Nundu Bay are not mutually exclusive, thus you can complete both at the same time. Completion of either mission will allow you to carry on with the campaign.

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Sequence of Missions
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