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 Mission 10a - Dzagonur Bastion

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PostSubject: Mission 10a - Dzagonur Bastion   Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:33 am

This mission can be very confusing and doesnít seem to have a clear explanation anywhere of what is going on and what youíre supposed to do. When you start the mission, youíll be next to Ahmtur. Talk to him and heíll open a portal to start the mission in earnest.

Down below, there are three bombards, three gates, and three Disciples of Secrets, each accompanied by three Vabbian Guards. You can talk to a Disciple and tell him which side to defend, and heíll take his three accompanying guards with him to stand next to the bombard you choose. There is an additional group of three Vabbian Guards in front of the center bombard, which you cannot move elsewhere.

Shortly after the mission starts, mobs will start coming. The mobs generally consist of groups of three Kournans and one Margonite. Each group will run to a bombard and try to destroy it. Bombards can be captured by standing near them, with each character of a side granting one pip of bombard ownership movement. Characters of opposite sides can cancel each other out. The net change in bombard ownership rate cannot exceed four pips.

The bombards start out entirely allied with you. Kournans will try to make them neutral, and then try to capture them. If they fully capture a bombard, it will be destroyed and you cannot recapture it. You can recapture a bombard at any time if it has not been fully captured by the Kournans. Bombards supply substantial fire support at nearby enemies until they are destroyed, but they canít really defend themselves against capture without allies there to help.

If Kournans destroy a bombard, they will head on to the corresponding gate, which is captured in the same manner as bombards. If they capture this, it opens a path into the bastion. The mobs will move into the bastion and try to capture it as well. Capturing it is much slower than capturing gates or bombards, but if they capture it, you fail the mission. If Ahmtur dies, the mission is failed.

The initial phase of the mission is easy: several groups of four mobs will come down and attack a bombard. Theyíre slow enough that theyíre easy to fight off. Each group will target a fixed bombard/gate entry. If one gate is completely breached and the group is set to target a different one, it will still take the time to attack the relevant bombard or gate rather than rushing into the bastion.

After the several initial groups of mobs are dead, four Margonite bosses will spawn at four fixed locations, out of range of the bombards. Each boss is accompanied by three Margonites, and more importantly, a rift. The rift will periodically spawn groups of three Kournans, which come down to attack the corresponding bombard. A rift is closed when its corresponding boss is killed, at which point additional mobs no longer spawn from it. Kill all four bosses to complete the mission.

A boss cannot be pulled while the corresponding bombard its groups head toward is still intact. Once the bombard is destroyed, the boss will come down to the bombard, but stay away from the gate. Once the gate is destroyed, the boss will head into the bastion to help capture it.

If you only want to beat the mission and donít care about Masterís reward, then assign a Whispers group to each bombard. Help them out in the initial waves of mobs, but once the bosses spawn, abandon them to hold out as long as they can before dying, while you go kill bosses. Kill the Elementalist boss to the far east first, then work your way westward. If a boss isnít there when you arrive, his corresponding bombard is down, so youíll have to go there or into the bastion to chase him down and kill him. The last boss will almost certainly be gone by the time you get there.

Your party should consist of a Ritualist Hero, Master of Whispers, and a party of six that is reasonably well balanced when excluding the first two Heroes. Set the Ritualist as a Restoration Ritualist with Recuperation, Life, a couple healing spells, and whatever else you like. Set up Master of Whispers with some melee minions, Blood of the Master, and Well of Blood. Ranged minions are bad, as they will trigger Whirling Defense when used by a Kournan Bowman, which may kill your NPC allies. The rest of the party can be anything that you feel comfortable fighting Kournans and Margonites with as a group of six, without help from Master of Whispers or the Ritualist.

Assign all three Whispers groups to defend the east bombard, and flag Master of Whispers and the Ritualist over there as well. Put them a little to the east of the bombard, with Master of Whispers slightly in front of the Ritualist, and both Heroes very near where the Whispers groups stand. You want any mobs that come to get attacked by both Master of Whispers and the NPC allies. The positioning here is a little finicky, so you may have to reflag them during a mission if it becomes clear that you messed up their position. If Master of Whispers dies, you flagged him too far ahead of the NPC allies. If the NPCs die, you flagged Master of Whispers too far behind them.

The minions drawing fire and the Ritualist healing both them and the guards is enough to hold the east bombard for much longer than it normally takes to complete the mission. You can then ignore the east bombard and have your group of six run around without worrying about it during the rest of the mission.

In the initial waves, kill the mobs that head toward the center or west bombards. The last group will run toward the guards in the center. Kill the rest of the group, but leave the two Kournen Bowmen for the guards. Run to the far west where the Warrior boss, General Doriah, spawns so that you can start attacking as soon as he appears. The guards can handle two Bowmen on their own, and this lets you position yourself to attack the boss as soon as he spawns.

When General Doriah spawns, your group of six should focus fire to kill him as quickly as possible. Heíll heal himself with Healing Signet when he gets low on life, so it helps to have Ignorance or a skill interrupt to stop this; or better yet, disable it with Distracting Shot. As soon as the boss dies, retreat to the west bombard, perhaps even past the bombard to make sure that henchmen follow.

Margonites that were with the boss may or may not follow you; if they donít, you can ignore them for the rest of the mission as they've basically taken themselves out of the fight. Kill whatever mobs do follow you with help from the bombards, and you may need to run back and forth between the center and west bombards to hold on to both. Be sure to target the Kournan Priests, as they can greatly slow down your efforts at killing the mobs. Once you clear any mobs that follow you, the west bombard will be secure.

Once the situation is under control and the center and west bombards are fully recaptured and clear of Kournans, go attack the Monk boss, General Nimtak, which is a little east of the Warrior boss you already killed. As before, focus fire on the boss until it is dead, and then retreat to the bombards. Again, kill any mobs that follow and fully recapture the center bombard as necessary.

Once the bombards are secure with two bosses dead, finishing off the mission is actually pretty easy. Go kill the Paragon boss, General Kumtash, which is to the east of the Monk boss, focusing fire on the boss as before. Once the boss is dead, retreat to the center bombard. Once you finish off any mobs that follow, the center bombard will be secure as well. Go kill the Elementalist boss, General Tirraj, to the far east at your leisure to complete the mission. He's the last boss, so the mission will end as soon as he is dead, even if other mobs are still alive.

If you have Ritualist skills but no Ritualist Hero, a Hero with a Ritualist secondary can work (such as Elementalist/Ritualist). If you don't have Ritualist skills, a Monk Hero can at least keep himself and Master of Whispers alive, but this reduces the healing that the Whispers groups will get. If mobs are capturing the center bombard before you can get back after fighting one of the first two bosses, you can slow them down by sending one or two Whispers groups to the center bombard rather than the east bombard. Any of these adjustments will decrease the amount of time that the east bombard will be secure, however, which may force you to hurry on killing the first three bosses.

If your group of six is getting killed by mobs while attacking bosses, you can run up to a boss, focus fire on and kill a Margonite, and then run back to save the bombards. Margonites do not respawn (only Kournans), so you can clear as many as needed to be able to safely kill a boss. Do not do this with the first boss, however, as it is vital that you kill General Doriah quickly in order to secure the west bombard. Provided that you haven't weakened the east bombard defenses with any of the alternatives in the preceding paragraph, the east bombard will be secure for as long as you need.

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Mission 10a - Dzagonur Bastion
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