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 Mission 6 - Kodonur Crossroads

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PostSubject: Mission 6 - Kodonur Crossroads   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:57 pm

You start off in a cell, with a Kournan Guard and Kournan Taskmaster chatting outside. After a few minutes they move off, and Haroj Firemane frees you from the cell. Your objective now is to obtain Cell Keys from the Kournan Taskmasters in the area (located near each of the white squares on the map here) and use those keys to free the imprisoned Veldrunner Centaurs (their cells are marked on your mini map). Five of the Veldrunners are level 20 rangers, and the sixth is a level 24 ranger boss with the elite skill Smoke Trap.

Tip: It is possible to obtain this skill with Signet of Capture during the mission, but you must get him killed, and this can be harder than it sounds. An easy way to do this is to kill the first Taskmaster to get a key and run to the level 24 Centaur captive's cell. He can be identified by his slightly elevated level (at 24) and with a ranger boss aura around him. His cell is the eastern most cell, the one closest to Taskmaster Sadi-Belai. Order your henchmen and heroes to stay back, run in, open cell, and run away. The mobs outside the cell will be able to kill him easily.

Bug! If ANY of the centaurs are killed, the gate to the fort may not open, so the mission will have to be restarted! This can be avoided by gathering all the keys first, and then releasing the captive centaurs on your way to the fort.

Note: No longer called Dalzin Swifthoof, the level 24 ranger centaur boss captive now only appears simply as "Veldrunner Centaur".

After freeing all the Veldrunners, you are ready to assault the Kournan fort at the south. The enemy groups are packed in very tightly, so careful aggro management is necessary to keep your party from being overwhelmed. Killing Overseer Boktek and Overseer Haubeh will complete the mission. You need not to kill all of the Kournan surrounding these two bosses.

Tip: If you are going to capture a skill from either Overseer Boktek or Overseer Haubeh, be sure to kill that one first and wait until the captures are complete before concentrating fire on the other. It appears that as soon as the second overseer is killed, the cut scene starts and you will be unable to capture the second one's skill.

Hard Mode
Even with all 6 centaurs freed and alive the garrison mobs can still very easily over run you without proper support from builds like a MM or Ritualist.

The locations of the cruel Taskmasters are marked by yellow dots on the map above. They are each accompanied by three Kournan Elite soldiers, who must also be killed in order to fulfill the bonus.

Taskmaster Sadi-Belai is located by the northernmost of the eastern bridges.

Taskmaster Vanahk is on the small island that lies between the eastern bridges.

Taskmaster Suli can be found to the south of the fortification where Mirza Veldrunner is being held. The path around the fort is wide enough that you shouldn't have to worry about aggroing the foes inside.

TipsThe first location you encounter as above has *two* cells. If you don't turn around, you might not notice this.

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Mission 6 - Kodonur Crossroads
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