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 Mission 3 -Blacktide Den

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PostSubject: Mission 3 -Blacktide Den   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:54 pm

The first objective is to eliminate Ironfist's Envoy, and steal their garb. After this you will be disguised as Ironfist's Envoy, and you will be able to follow Captain Besuz to the meeting with General Kahyet. You will encounter many groups of Skale along the way, including a relatively large "stampede" - most of the skale in this group are low-level, though, so it shouldn't pose a problem. Captain Besuz will stop before each group and command you to kill them, and he will advance once the group is dead. As you approach the temple in the southwest, you will encounter a couple groups of Skree.

When you meet General Kahyet, she and Captain Besuz will become hostile. Keep in mind that Kahyet is level 18 and Captain Besuz is level 15. Weakness, blindness, and degeneration are very effective in this fight.

The bonus objective is to kill all the Rinkhal Monitors in the swamp, marked by the numbers 1 through 5 on the map. You will encounter the first monitor shortly after disposing of Ironfist's Envoy, before meeting Captain Besuz. There are two more to the east of the first monitor, and two more to the west.

Unfortunately, there are neutral Kournan Guards blocking many of the paths through the swamp, including the shortest routes to the remaining Monitors, so you will have to take the paths marked on the map. Captain Besuz will not follow you, and since he is an NPC and not an ally, he will not be attacked while you are away.

When in Corsair Disguise, male characters have ranger emotes and female characters have dervish emotes.

If you take Zhed Shadowhoof, Pyre Fierceshot, Vekk, or Jora as a hero on this mission, they will not be able to put on the Corsair Disguise. They will not ruin the mission though as everyone will still think of them as Corsairs.

Some players have trouble connecting to the game when starting the mission for the first time. If that happens, try entering Lahtenda Bog, then return to take the mission.

If you take henchmen and heroes with you, you can end up with 8 members in your party when you arrive in Sunspear Great Hall (normally party size 4) after finishing the mission. This only works if you take the 4 henchmen in the Sunspear Great Hall.

If you talk to One-Eyed Rugger, you will become drunk, but this does not count towards the Drunkard title. NOTE: The warped-screen effect will continue until you finish the mission or die, even if you only talk to the corsair once! However, this effect can be ignored by disabling 'Enable post-process effects' in Options [F11] on the Graphics Tab.

Hard Mode: The skale stampede can be overwhelming if you try to help the guards. The skale will usually split up after they kill the guards, so it might be easier to just let the skale slaughter the guards and pull small groups.
Having a trapper or an AoE Nuker will make this part of the mission much easier.

Characters created in other campaigns will need to complete Battle Preparations in order to unlock Tahlkora for this mission.

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Mission 3 -Blacktide Den
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