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PostSubject: Quest list   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:47 pm

Shing Jea Island
Note: Quests on Shing Jea Island are for Factions characters only, with one exception (The Bog Beast of Bokku).

Monastery Overlook
Instructor Ng
1. Mantid Hatchlings
1. Seek Out Headmaster Amara - Monk
1. Seek Out Headmaster Greico - Ranger
1. Seek Out Headmaster Kaa - Mesmer
1. Seek Out Headmaster Kuju - Necromancer
1. Seek Out Headmaster Lee - Assassin
1. Seek Out Headmaster Quin - Ritualist
1. Seek Out Headmaster Vhang - Elementalist
1. Seek Out Headmaster Zhan - Warrior

Shing Jea Monastery
Ludo: Forming a Party
Captain Zinghu: Appearance of the Naga
Captain Zinghu: The Naga Source
Neing the Tanner: A Belt Pouch
Yazoying: Study Buddy
Headmaster Zhan:
1. Locate Talon Silverwing
2. Warrior Insignia
3. The Kaguchi Brothers
Headmaster Greico:
1. Locate Sujun
2. Ranger Insignia
3. The Red Frog
Headmaster Amara:
1. Locate Sister Tai
2. Monk Insignia
3. The Sickened Village
Headmaster Kuju:
1. Locate Reng Ku
2. Necromancer Insignia
3. Old Friends, Dark Times
Headmaster Kaa:
1. Locate Mei Ling
2. Mesmer Insignia
3. The Box of Illusions
Headmaster Vhang:
1. Locate Ronsu
2. Elementalist Insignia
3. The Stone of the Elements
Headmaster Lee:
1. Locate Jinzo
2. Assassin Insignia
3. Cleansing the Steel
Headmaster Quin:
1. Locate Professor Gai
2. Ritualist Insignia
3. Power Surge
Instructor Ng:
1. Advanced Defense Techniques
2. Skill Chaining
3. Condition Removal
4. Snaring Course
5. Disenchantment Course
6. Defense Against Hexes
7. Disruption

Linnok Courtyard
Master Togo: (All are Primary Quests)
1. Secondary Profession Quests:
... a. Speak with Headmaster Zhan (Warrior)
... b. Speak with Headmaster Quin (Ritualist)
... c. Speak with Headmaster Amara (Monk)
... d. Speak with Headmaster Kuju (Necromancer)
... e. Speak with Headmaster Vhang (Elementalist)
... f. Speak with Headmaster Greico (Ranger)
... g. Speak with Headmaster Kaa (Mesmer)
... h. Speak with Headmaster Lee (Assassin)
2. Choose Your Secondary Profession (Factions)
3. A Formal Introduction
4. The Road Less Traveled

Sunqua Vale
Jinzo: Opening Strike
Jinzo: Track Down Panaku
Mei Ling: Cleansing The Shrine
Mei Ling: Track Down Lo Sha
Professor Gai: Minions Gone Wild
Professor Gai: Track Down Ang the Ephemeral
Reng Ku: Little Creatures
Reng Ku: Track Down Su
Ronsu: Spark of Interest
Ronsu: Track Down Kai Ying
Sister Tai: Stale Mate
Sister Tai: Track Down Brother Pe Wan
Sujun: Free the Fur
Sujun: Track Down Zho
Talon Silverwing: Talon's Duel
Talon Silverwing: Track Down Weng Gha
Wulk Cragfist: Revenge of the Yeti

Tsumei Village
The Emperor's Blade: Togo's Ultimatum
The Emperor's Blade: The Siege at Tsumei Village
The Emperor's Blade: Quimang's Last Stand
Villager Hijai: Cash Crops

Panjiang Peninsula
Sister Tai: Journey to the Master (Primary Quest)
Farmer Zinhao: Pest Control
Weng Gha: The Crop Thieves
Weng Gha: An Audience with Master Togo
Kai Ying: Sparring Elements
Kai Ying: An Audience with Master Togo
Su: Reaping the Naga
Su: An Audience with Master Togo
Ang the Ephemeral: Shackled Spirits
Ang the Ephemeral: An Audience with Master Togo

Kinya Province
Brother Pe Wan: Seeking a Cure
Brother Pe Wan: An Audience with Master Togo
Panaku: Dual Strike
Panaku: An Audience with Master Togo
Zho: The Yeti Hunt
Zho: An Audience with Master Togo
Lo Sha: Lo Sha's Gift
Lo Sha: An Audience with Master Togo
Tahbo Paa: The Agriculturist
Soar Honorclaw: The Threat Grows

Ran Musu Gardens
Ang the Ephemeral: Warning the Tengu (Primary Quest)
Raitahn Nem: Lost Treasure

Seitung Harbor
Brother Pe Wan: Looking For Trouble (Primary Quest)
First Mate Xiang: A Master's Burden (Primary Quest)
Lady Mukei Musagi: The Captured Son
Zunraa: An Unwelcome Guest

Jaya Bluffs
Gull Hookbeak: The Rite of Valor (Mutually exclusive with Death With Honor)
Yorrt Strongjaw: Death With Honor (Mutually exclusive with The Rite of Valor)
Zho: To The Rescue (Primary Quest)

Haiju Lagoon
Baasong: The Bog Beast of Bokku (Also available to non-Factions characters)
Miller Quang: Sentimental Treasures
Miller Quang: Skin the Snake
Paomu: The Thieving Nanny
Su: To Zen Daijun (Primary Quest)

Kaineng City
Bejunkan Pier
Dockhand Quangnai: Welcome to Cantha (non-Factions characters only)

Bukdek Byway
Aiko: Missing Daughter
Bryan: Going Home
Minister Tahlen: Passing the Buck
Nakai: Too High a Price
Nika: Closer to the Stars (Primary Quest)

Dragon's Throat
Messenger Gosuh: Finding The Oracle (Primary Quest)

Kaineng Center
Barkeep Mehoro: The Drunken Master
Bujo: Seek out Brother Tosai
Guardsman Chienpo: Eliminate the Jade Brotherhood
Guardsman Chienpo: Chaos in Kryta (Factions characters only)
Guardsman Ping: Eliminate the Am Fah
Guildmaster Luan: The Emperor in Peril
Guildmaster Luan: The Plot Thickens
Guildmaster Luan: It Ends Here
Guildmaster Luan: The Shadow Blades
Guildmaster Luan: Lambs to the Slaughter
Imperial Agent Hanjo: The Search for a Cure
Imperial Agent Hanjo: A Monstrous Revelation
Imperial Guardsman Kintae: The Afflicted Guard
Imperial Guardsman Kintae: Feed the Hungry
Imperial Guardsman Linro: Sunspears in Cantha (For non-Nightfall characters only)
Minister Jaisan: Capturing the Orrian Tome (Factions characters only)
Minister Jaisan: Minister's Test (Factions characters only)
Minister of Maintenance Raiugyon: I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet
Xunlai Agent Honlo: The Xunlai Agent

Kaineng Docks
Headmaster Greico: Mayhem in the Market (Primary Quest; Factions characters only)

Maatu Keep
Attendant Yoko: Stemming the Tide
Jamei: Journey to Cavalon (Primary Quest)
Jamei: Journey to House zu Heltzer (Primary Quest)
Sekai the Mapmaker: Charting the Forests
Sekai the Mapmaker: Charting the Jade Sea

Raisu Pavilion
Emperor's Hand: Captured
Emperor's Hand: Naga Oil
Emperor's Hand: Street Justice
Emperor's Hand: Battle in the Sewers (Primary Quest)

Senji's Corner
Adept Kai: To Tahnnakai Temple (Primary Quest)

Shenzun Tunnels
Bakghu: The Challenge
Guardsman Kinri: The Missing Corpses

Tahnnakai Temple (Explorable)
Imperial Guardsman Yang: Housing for Refugees

The Undercity
Ke Feng: The Missing Link

Xaquang Skyway
Quill Songfeather: Raze the Roost
Yikaro: Seeking Shelter

Wajjun Bazaar
Brother Tosai: Drink from the Chalice of Corruption / Refuse to Drink (Mutually exclusive quests)
Brother Tosai: Masters of Corruption
Guardsman Pah: Medical Emergency
Guardsman Tang: Assist the Guards
Guardsman Tang: Straight to the Top
Kaya: Little Lost Bear
Officer Chitaro: Imperial Assistance / Red Tape (Mutually exclusive quests)
Officer Chitaro: Luxury Goods
Paomu: Problem Salving
Qian: An End to Suffering
Saito: Assassination Attempt

Zin Ku Corridor
Emperor's Voice: A Meeting With the Emperor (Primary Quest)
Emperor's Voice: The Count's Daughter (Primary Quest)

Echovald Forest
Altrumm Ruins
Headmaster Amara: The Convocation (Primary Quest)

House zu Heltzer
Count zu Heltzer: Befriending the Kurzicks (Primary Quest)
Count zu Heltzer: Defend Fort Aspenwood (Primary Quest)
Count zu Heltzer: Invoking the Saints
Count zu Heltzer: Song and Stone
Count zu Heltzer: The Defenders of the Forest (Primary Quest)
Count zu Heltzer: The Jade Quarry (Kurzick quest) (Primary Quest)
Jun: Artistic Endeavors
Rutger zu Heltzer: The Beak of Darkness
Rutger zu Heltzer: Wardens On the March
Scholar Andrej: The Ancient Forest
Scholar Andrej: The Experimental Weaponsmith
Vasili Lutgardis: Melodic Gaki Flute
Vasili Lutgardis: Discord Wallow Lyre
Vasili Lutgardis: Rhythm Drinker Drum

Forestermaster Vasha: Scouting Ferndale
Moleneaux: Envoy of the Dredge
Moleneaux: Temple of the Dredge
Moleneaux: Revolt of the Dredge
Supplymaster Konrad: Kurzick Supply Lines

Drazach Thicket
Duel Master Vaughn: Duel of the Houses
Recruiter Sigmund: In the Army Now (Kurzick)

Melandru's Hope
Scoutmaster Arne: Securing Echovald Forest

Vasburg Armory
Count Durheim: Into the Whirlpool (Primary Quest)
Dunmel Gorhopf: Wicked Wardens

Brauer Academy
Yuri Vasburg: A New Escort

Jade Sea
Arena Master Portus: The Jade Arena
Supplymaster Keleos: Luxon Supply Lines

Breaker Hollow
Eurus: More Cowbell

Captain Elora: Challenge of Strength
Captain Juno: Attack the Kurzicks!
Captain Juno: Night Raiders
Captain Lexis: The Halcyon Job
Captain Lexis: Protect the Halcyon
Elder Rhea: Befriending the Luxons (Primary Quest)
Elder Rhea: Fort Aspenwood (Quest) (Primary Quest)
Elder Rhea: The Jade Quarry (Luxon quest) (Primary Quest)
Elder Rhea: Stolen Eggs (Primary Quest)

Gyala Hatchery
Samti Kohlreg: Messages, Messages Everywhere

Harvest Temple
Kuunavang: Taking Back the Palace (Primary Quest)

Leviathan Pits
Delphinus: The Zenos Squad
Delphinus: The Impossible Sea Monster
Infortunatos Maxeles: If It Weren't for Bad Luck....
Jatoro Musagi: A Letter Home
Petras: Journey to the Whirlpool (Primary Quest)
Rixonon: Outcasts in the Quarry
Turimachus: The Dragon Hunter

Maishang Hills
Scoutmaster Theron: Scouting Maishang Hills
Recruiter Lysandra: In the Army (Luxon)
[edit] Mount Qinkai
Magistrate Kin: Return of the Yeti
Scoutmaster Aerios: Scout the Coast

Seafarer's Rest
Great Reaver Rixor: Message on a Dragon Scale

Zos Shivros Channel
Imperial Herald: City Under Attack (Primary Quest)

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Quest list
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