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 mission 8 - Sunjiang District

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PostSubject: mission 8 - Sunjiang District   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:11 pm

The main objective of this mission is to destroy the four spirit rifts that Shiro has opened to summon an army of Shiro'ken. Each of these rifts is guarded by a Spirit of Portals, which must be destroyed to close the rift. Shiro'ken will periodically spawn from the rift while it is open (a different class at each one), so you should focus on destroying the Spirit as quickly as possible. The ritualist skills Consume Soul and Gaze of Fury can be used on the Spirits, destroying them instantly, or after a 30 second delay with Signet of Creation. The mesmer skills Unnatural Signet and Spiritual Pain are also very useful against the Spirits.

At the beginning of the mission, you will be given the Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Viktor; they function in exactly the same way as when you first used them in Boreas Seabed and Arborstone. You can complete the mission without bringing either of them along, though they obviously do help. The high damage from a fully charged Spear of Archemorus is especially helpful against the Spirits, as they have increased resistance to both physical and elemental damage compared to normal spirits.

A bridge will come down and the mission will start, there will be two groups of Afflicted followed by an area with large metal vents. These are called flame fissures and they will cause burning and cripple to anyone who passes over them. At the end of that area will be the first spirit rift, spawning Shiro'ken Assassins.

After destroying the rift, you can proceed left or right. If you proceed right, you will come to a high ledge from which you can see Shiro suspended inside a spirit rift himself; he cannot be targeted or damaged. Past this area there will be a few groups of Afflicted with a path splitting to the north and to the east. To the east will be the second spirit rift, spawning Shiro'ken Rangers and surrounded by a couple groups of Afflicted. Careful aggro is necessary here to deal with the multiple groups, and the area is dotted with stalagmite spikes that cause bleeding and crippling. Taking each group individually makes the fight easier.

Continuing north on the main path, you will come to the third spirit rift atop a small hill (which looks like a gargantuan kappa shell), this time spawning Shiro'ken Necromancers. The hill is surrounded with poisoned water, and there is a group of Afflicted which patrols through the area.

The fourth and final spirit rift is to the west, past a few more groups of Afflicted. Shiro'ken Warriors will spawn from the rift, and the plates in this area cause the dazed condition, so casters should be careful.

After the fourth rift is closed, a cutscene will play, after which you will be in the central area (where Shiro was) facing four Shiro'ken bosses. Immediately after the cutscene ends, you should move back into the left corner so that you can pull one or two bosses at a time. The mission is complete when all four have been destroyed.

The Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Viktor spawn at the opening of the mission alongside the team. They are provided as assistance, the party may use them or leave them.

It is completely safe to walk right up to Shiro Tagachi in this mission. He will not attack you.

If you try to attack him an error message will be displayed informing you that "Shiro Tagachi is invulnerable."

Although Shiro is invulnerable, any undead minions a party member may be controlling will try to attack him, and it will be impossible to move them away.

The Ritualist skill Gaze of Fury and Elite Skill Consume Soul will instantly destroy the Portal Spirits, which can come in very handy.

There is an error in the text displayed during the cutscene. Master Togo says "us" but the text reads "up".

At the end of the mission, it is stated that both the Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Viktor were destroyed, when in fact, they both can be seen if a player is holding the items, or is dropped on the floor near the cutscene area, within camera view.

Sometimes Spear of Archemorus may duplicate itself.

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mission 8 - Sunjiang District
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