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 Mission 4 - Nahpui Quarter

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PostSubject: Mission 4 - Nahpui Quarter   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:07 pm

You will have to defeat the four Celestials:

Hai Jii - Phoenix (Mesmer; point 1) (To start here, Use portal on the right)

Tahmu - Dragon (Elementalist; point 2)

Kuonghsang - Turtle (Necromancer; point 3)

Kaijun Don - Kirin (Monk; point 4) (To start here, Use portal on the left)

The Map Area window indicates the location of the four Celestials using star icons. You can take them in any order. If you want the Master's Reward, go in the order of Kaijun Don → Kuonghsang → Tahmu → Hai Jii.

This mission is very hard if it is your first time. Each Celestial is guarded by several Star Tengu; furthermore, when a Celestial is defeated, it spawns several Essences all over the area, both ahead of you and behind you. This severely limits your retreat. Slain Essences will respawn after a while. Exceptional teams just mow down all opponents in their way, except for the last group, where they focus only on the last celestial. However depending on your team's makeup, you may want to plan on what you don't want to fight beforehand: Essence of Phoenix, Essence of Turtle, Essence of Dragon, or Essence of Kirin. Do note that these enemies do not leave corpses, but they do attack and move a bit.

A common mistake made by new teams is to assume that the Kirin spawns will be healers, since they are Monks. This causes a lot of teams to leave Kaijun Don for last. Actually, the Kirin are Smiting Monks, and not very dangerous ones at that. One quick tip: don't be the first to charge into battle against a Kirin, for they will knock you down with Signet of Judgment. The most dangerous spawns to an average team are the Mesmer spawns of Hai Jii, who use Conjure Phantasm and Crippling Anguish and can quickly out-degen your healers.

One of the most common mistakes by amateurs in PUGs is miscommunication over which portal to go through at the start of the mission. If a member goes through a different portal to the rest of their party they will be separated from them and will not be able to rejoin them unless the party fights its way to the missing member. Although this may seem such an obvious mistake that you shouldn't need to worry about it, it is depressingly common. Make sure all members of the party know which portal you plan to go through before beginning the mission.

Tips for Master's reward
This mission is considered by many to be one of the more difficult ones to obtain the Master's Reward.

It is recommended that one start with the Kirin (location 4) and work towards the Phoenix (location 1), although it is possible to work from the Phoenix to the Kirin.

A quick group should be able to defeat the first two bosses in under 8 minutes.

Since all of the bosses are casters, an anti-caster Mesmer can be extremely useful.

If a Minion Master is present in the group, try to kill the turtle essences first because they will exploit the corpses that the MM needs.

Notable shortcuts are visible on the attached Map. Take note of the path between locations 3 and 2 as well as the sharp turn to the North at location 2, the dragon. With going north here, up to three minutes can be shaved off of the time as there are fewer monsters to deal with (29 instead of 50). Nevertheless most groups will take the obvious path instead.

At the last boss, it is not necessary to kill all those around him. Simply killing the last boss will complete the mission. It will take a while to kill all around the last boss because they will keep respawning.

Proper usage of the skill "Finish Him!" can make taking out the bosses far faster.

For Hard Mode, henchmen seem to be more effective here because they focus on one target at a time, which makes the bosses a lot easier to deal with. Two Searing Flames elementalists work wonders. Equip them with interrupts if you are able, Leech Signet and Power Drain are good for this since it helps with their energy as well.

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Mission 4 - Nahpui Quarter
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