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 Mission 3 - Vizunah Square

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PostSubject: Mission 3 - Vizunah Square   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:05 pm

Vizunah Square is the first Cooperative Mission of the Factions Campaign on mainland Cantha. The native Canthans, investigating the Afflicted plague, follow Master Togo to meet Brother Mhenlo. Along the way, they are attacked by a swarm of Afflicted. The foreigners (characters native to other continents), having followed Mhenlo to Cantha, enter to find Togo and his group under attack.

The mission begins with the Canthans starting from Vizunah Square (Local Quarter), getting a head start into the first courtyard area. The foreign team begins from Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter). It is important for both teams to group up as soon as possible, while keeping their NPCs alive. You'd better have semi decent healing power to do so! After fighting through a few Afflicted mobs, the two teams of 8 meet up, and a cutscene plays. The mission involves fighting through multiple waves in three areas, with bosses interspersed within the waves. In the near end of the mission, you'll fight a Shiro'ken along with another group of high level Afflicted.

Upon completion, the players are introduced to the Envoys: Herald Demrikov, Emissary Heleyne, Messenger Vetaura, Courier Torivos, and Shiro Tagachi.

Bug! Sometimes, if you have two human players in the mission, who are male and female, the non-leader player will speak the lines with the other gender's voice.

Bug! Sometimes, Mhenlo will be too busy healing minions to trigger the first cutscene.

Bug! Sometimes, Mhenlo will randomly run back up the path towards the Foreign Quarter starting point. Sometimes, if the foreign team is entirely AI, they will either not come down with Mhenlo, or will run back towards their starting point, even if Mhenlo doesn't.

Bug! Sometimes, after viewing the first cutscene, Togo and/or Mhenlo will freeze and not go through the first door out of the courtyard.

Bug! Sometimes, after the mission timer reaches zero at the start of the mission, nothing happens and the mission must be restarted.

Bug! Togo / Mhenlo can get hung on bridges if minion army gets in their way. If this occurs, you will have to restart the mission

Bug! Sometimes, Mhenlo will get stuck in chests and will not move.

Bug! Sometimes, after the third big fight (The second major fighting area), Togo will get stuck in the center of the area and not move. If this happens, the mission must be restarted.

Bug! Sometimes, After you fight the first square (straight away if you have started in local) the other party (if all henchman , the party protecting Brother Mhenlo) will run away back the way they came and after you leave the square proceeding through the mission they will / should re-join you after the first or second small fight.


This is a two-party mission, with one party coming from Vizunah Square (Local Quarter) and the other from Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter). If no party joined from the other side at mission start, an all-henchmen team will be used instead.

This mission has a tendency to highlight the flaws of the Henchmen AI, as well as the NPC AI that controls Togo and Mhenlo. Issues such as henchmen running to join the other party and/or following the target calls of the other team are common. While the AI has been improved with the release of Nightfall, it is still far from perfect. Keep a close eye on your henchmen, and use the flag controls as necessary.

When a Canthan Peasant dies, a lvl 20 Afflicted spawns from it (the same profession as the peasant).

For elite skill hunters, please note that there are 8 possible bosses in this mission, but only 4 spawn points, meaning that there is only a 50% chance of your desired boss spawning. All eight elites can instead be captured in the Dragon's Throat challenge mission, accessible immediately after completing this one, where all bosses are guaranteed to spawn in specific locations.

Tips for Masters
As two groups will be meeting, it may be better if the other team consists of henchmen. This is due to the fact that they are always Lvl 20 and won't leave.

The immense number of enemies (and thus corpses) means that this mission is a paradise for necromancers, especially Minion Masters. One minion master on each team (or even two on one team) will provide a veritable army of undead to help out, but don't forget that the sacrifice from Blood of the Master will be massive as they each will be healing both parties' minions. Use Aura of the Lich to help counter the sacrifice. Additionally, Barbs is especially useful due to the large number of minion who deal physical damage.

An often overlooked strategy is simply to bring several rangers with Barrage; continual spamming of this skill will make short work of the clustered enemies.

Much of the fighting is done with the characters remaining in one particular area so consider bringing in the following:
Traps (also see the general trapping guide)
Spirits that help the party more than the opponents (Fertile Season might not be a good choice); Ritualists can be a boon in this mission with multiple attacking spirits giving your party long range and unmanaged firepower.
"I Will Avenge You!" for warriors. Since there are a lot of Canthan Peasants (that all end up dead fast) you can keep it up during the entire fight.
Area hexes/spells/attacks

If you will be bringing henchmen and are starting from the local quarter know that if your party is standing its ground while the foreign party approaches, the henchmen will be drawn to the moving party and might leave you to run to them. To stop this from happening:
With the exception of the beginning, always stay close to Master Togo and Mhenlo
In the beginning, allow Master Togo a head start to the center of the square.
Engage the enemies closest to your entrance.
After the first wave, join Master Togo.

Because this mission can be rather frustrating if the paired group is weak, it is wise to overcompensate for potential disasters.
Get to level 20 before attempting the mission. Bukdek Byway and Wajjun Bazaar offer numerous small quests to gain experience.
Bring a Resurrection power. There are quite a few bosses, so Resurrection Signet is a perfectly good choice.
Note that, while awkward, it is possible to heal the other team. It is not possible, however to resurrect them. If one team loses all of their resurrection capability, it is unlikely the other team will be able to continue without them.

"Gentlemen, no fighting please. This is, after all, a council of war." - Lord Havelock Vetinari Patrician of Ankh-Morpork (JINGO)
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Mission 3 - Vizunah Square
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