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 Mission 2 - Zen Daijun

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PostSubject: Mission 2 - Zen Daijun   Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:04 pm

Simply follow the road through the mission.

NOTE: It is very, very advisable to finish most, if not all of the Haiju lagoon quests. Doing so will increase your level many times and you will have a better chance in surviving.

You will be led by Master Togo and Headmaster Vhang. Master Togo is level 20 and Headmaster Vhang is level 15, so your group could take on relatively large groups of opponents.

In addition you can ring the bell at any of the Shrines of Zunraa to summon Zunraa. Zunraa is only level 13 and will not help overly much with fighting, but the Blessing of the Kirin it provides will help manage conditions as well as miasma. In addition to that, you may want to bring some condition removal skills, as there are many Afflicted Rangers around, who like to use Throw Dirt. In case Zunraa dies, you cannot resurrect him, but you can simply summon him again at a shrine. There are several Shrines of Zunraa along the road.

If you do not want to take care of Master Togo and make sure he survives, you can leave him at the beginning of the mission by hugging the left wall when leaving from the starting position. This will leave Togo at the beginning, waiting for your party to follow him.

Beware of purple smoky clouds along the road, often found at road intersections. These infect you with Miasma, which causes -5 health degeneration, and spreads between characters, similar to disease, but overall is not too much a threat. Zunraa's Blessing of the Kirin helps greatly in overcoming the miasma's effects.

There are occasions where enemies sit in the miasma. Fighting them in there will quickly overwhelm your healers with the constant health degen. Either lure the enemies to you, out of the miasma, or run through the miasma past the monsters and then turn around to fight them. The Afflicted can often be attacked from odd angles to minimize the amount of time spent in miasma.

There are paths around all but one of the miasma clouds, however following them will slow your party down. Depending on your party composition, it may be advisable to ignore the bonus, and take the alternate paths, especially if you are weak on healing.

At the end of the mission, you will first have to fight two high level bosses on the bridge towards the Daijun Library; when battling these two, focus primarily on Afflicted Yijo - his Spirit Rift skill will tear through clumped players, so consider putting interruptions into the fray; Dissonance is a particularly handy skill in this situation. The other boss is Afflicted Farmer Xeng Jo.

After they have been defeated, you will then fight a group of regular Afflicted as well as the boss The Afflicted Kana in some miasma (which is much more challenging). It is entirely possible (and advisable) to lure the Afflicted out with a ranger character and engage them at the end of the bridge. Note: it is safe to go in the boss miasma. It seems to simply be a graphic, it does not place any conditions on you.

The final cutscene shows how Master Togo finds the guild symbol of Shiro Tagachi, on the floor of the Library. It becomes clear to him who might be the source of the mysterious plague

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Mission 2 - Zen Daijun
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