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PostSubject: Quest list   Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:58 pm

Pre-Searing Ascalon
Note: Characters not of the Prophecies Campaign will not be able to access this region.

Ascalon City
Armin Saberlin: The Path to Glory (Primary Quest)
Armin Saberlin: A Second Profession (Primary Quest)
Baron Egan: Bandit Raid
Baron Egan: The Poison Devourer
Namar: Poor Tenant
Prince Rurik: Charr at the Gate
Prince Rurik: Charr in the Catacombs
Sandre Elek: The Wayward Wizard
Sir Tydus: War Preparations (Primary Quest)
Town Crier: Message from a Friend (Primary Quest)
Town Crier: Trouble in the Woods

Lakeside County
Alison the Tanner: Little Thom's Big Cloak
Artemis the Ranger: Ranger Test
Captain Osric: A Gift for Althea
Chantalle the Troubadour: The Hunter's Horn
Ciglo the Monk: Monk Test
Devona: Opposition to the King
Devona: Tithe for Ashford Abbey (Skill Point)
Devona: Unsettling Rumors (Primary Quest)
Duke Gaban: The Egg Hunter
Farmer Dirk: The Prize Winning Hogs
Gate Guard Torin: Across the Wall
Gwen: Gwen's Flute
Haversdan: Further Adventures (Primary Quest)
Haversdan: A New Elementalist Trainer
Haversdan: A New Mesmer Trainer
Haversdan: A New Monk Trainer
Haversdan: A New Necromancer Trainer
Haversdan: A New Ranger Trainer
Haversdan: A New Warrior Trainer
Howland the Elementalist: Elementalist Test
Lady Althea: A Mesmer's Burden (A Second Profession)
Lina the Healer: Adventure with an Ally
Old Mack: The Rogue's Replacement
Pitney: The Prize Moa Bird
Pitney: The Worm Problem
Sebedoh the Mesmer: Mesmer Test
Van the Warrior: Warrior Test
Verata the Necromancer: Necromancer Test

Green Hills County
Grazden the Protector: Protection Prayers
Kasha Blackblood: The Power of Blood
Warmaster Grast: Grawl Invasion (A Second Profession)

Ashford Abbey
Brother Mhenlo: A Monk's Mission (A Second Profession)
Brother Mhenlo: The Blessings of Balthazar

The Catacombs
Necromancer Munne: The Necromancer's Novice (A Second Profession)
Necromancer Munne: Rites of Remembrance
Oberan the Reviled: The Accursed Path

The Barradin Estate
Duke Barradin: The True King
Duke Barradin: Warrior's Challenge
Little Thom: The Vineyard Problem

Regent Valley
Hunters: The Bear Hunters
Ivor Trueshot: A Test of Marksmanship
Mary Malone: The Orchard
Master Ranger Nente: The Ranger's Companion (A Second Profession)

Wizard's Folly
Aidan: Unnatural Growths
Elementalist Aziure: The Elementalist Experiment (A Second Profession)

Foible's Fair
Ralena Stormbringer: The Supremacy of Air
Vassar: Domination Magic

Post-Searing Ascalon
Note: Quests in this region are only offered to Prophecies characters.

Ascalon City (Post-Searing)
Captain Arne: Barradin's Advance
Captain Arne: Fires in the East
Captain Arne: Vanguard Equipment
Symon the Scribe: Cities of Ascalon
Symon the Scribe: Counting the Fallen
Warmaster Tydus: Defend the Wall (Primary Quest)
Warmaster Tydus: The King's Message
Warmaster Tydus: Recruits for Hollis
Warmaster Tydus: Scavengers in Old Ascalon
Warmaster Tydus: The Troublesome Artifact

Old Ascalon
Ambassador Zain: The Ambassador's Quandary
Ambassador Zain: A Mission of Peace
Ambassador Zain: Helping the People of Ascalon
Captain Osric: The Krytan Ambassador
Elementalist Aziure: Elemental Knowledge
Elementalist Aziure: Scorched Earth (Prophecies)
Gate Guard Hollis: Barradin's Stand
Gate Guard Hollis: Supplies for the Duke
Grazden the Protector: In Memory of Paulus
Grazden the Protector: Protecting Ascalon
Grazden the Protector: Sowing Seeds
Master Ranger Nente: The Charr Patrol
Master Ranger Nente: The Charr Staging Area
Master Ranger Nente: Endangered Species
Shalev the Hermit: Shalev's Task
Warmaster Grast: Gargoyle Trouble
Warmaster Grast: Into the Breach
Warmaster Grast: Military Matters
Witness Rastin: Rastin's Ritual
Witness Rastin: Symon's History of Ascalon

Sardelac Sanitarium
Avatar of Dwayna: Family Ties
Kasha Blackblood: Death in the Ruins
Kasha Blackblood: Oberan's Rage
Necromancer Munne: The Stolen Artifact
Vassar: A Cure for Ralena
Vassar: Mesmerizing the Enemy
Vassar: Trying Times

Regent Valley
Sergeant Brannen: Regent Valley Defense

Fort Ranik (Mission)
Gurn Blanston: Deliver a Message to My Wife

Eastern Frontier
Cynn: Caravan in Trouble

Serenity Temple
Erudine: Experimental Elixir
Erudine: Unnatural Creatures
Kendrick Redstaff: The Geomancer's Test
Kendrick Redstaff: The Way of the Geomancer
Priestess Rashenna: Replacement Healers

Frontier Gate
Warmaster Riga: Frontier Gate Fugitives
Warmaster Riga: Ruins of Surmia

Piken Square
Armsman Pitney: Army Life
Duke Barradin: The Siege of Piken Square
Duke Barradin: Althea's Ashes
Duke Barradin: Fires in the North
Duke Barradin: Hammer and Anvil
Farrah Cappo: The Red-Cloaked Deserter
Ivor Trueshot: Charr Reinforcements
Undertaker Cortis: Casualty Report (Can be accepted by any profession; Only necromancers will receive the skill reward.)
Undertaker Cortis: Fallen Soldiers
Viggo: The Duke's Daughter
Viggo: Garfazz Bloodfang

Northern Shiverpeaks
Note: Quests in this region are only offered to Prophecies characters, except To Kryta: Journey's End.

Yak's Bend
Captain Osric: The Road to Borlis Pass
Captain Osric: Shiverpeak Stragglers
Captain Osric: The Way is Blocked (Primary Quest)
Grand Mason Stonecleaver: Helping the Dwarves
Howland the Elementalist: A Heart of Ice
Necromancer Morgan: Renegade Necromancer
Sebedoh the Mesmer: The Stone Summit Champion
Tabor Woolridge: The Missing Artisan
Van the Warrior: Securing the Vale
Van the Warrior: The Wayward Monk

Traveler's Vale
Artemis the Ranger: Stone Summit Beastmasters
Elsa Alston: Oswalt's Epitaph
Rangil Ironbow: Minaar's Trouble
Rangil Ironbow: Minaar's Worry
Rangil Ironbow: Iron Horse War Machine

Beacon's Perch
Master Saberlin: Hungry Devourer
Master Saberlin: The Deserters
Master Saberlin: To Kryta: Refugees (Primary Quest)

Griffon's Mouth
Aidan: To Kryta: Journey's End (Primary Quest)
Master Seeker Nathaniel: To Kryta: The Ice Cave (Primary Quest)

Note: Quests in this region are available to characters of all campaigns, except where noted otherwise.

Lion's Arch
Armen the Guide: Report to the White Mantle (Primary Quest)
Bodrus the Outfitter: Merchant's Plea
Firstwatch Sergio: The Villainy of Galrath
Firstwatch Sergio: Mhenlo's Request
Jiaju Tai: The Weaver of Nebo
Len Caldoron: What Lies Beneath
Lionguard Figo: Sunspears in Kryta
Magi Malaquire: Orrian Excavation (Prophecies characters only)
Magi Malaquire: Malaquire's Test (Prophecies characters only)

North Kryta Province
Archivist Ithimar: Graven Images
Captain Greywind: Blankets for the Settlers
Captain Greywind: Reversing the Skales
Damaris: The Ascalon Settlement (Prophecies characters only)
Farmer Dirk: The Last Hog (Prophecies characters only)
Lionguard Riddik: Duties of a Lionguard
Miraba: Bandit Trouble
Seaguard Ekarus: Destroy the Kurzicks! (No longer available)

Nebo Terrace
Baron Ulrikar: Crush the Luxons! (No longer available)
Inspector Caleb: The Hot Springs Murders

Bergen Hot Springs
Lionguard Roshan: Establish the Kurzick Settlement (No longer available)

Elder Hezron: The Undead Hordes

Temple of the Ages
Brother Mizar: The False Gods

Fishermen's Haven
Watchman Arad: The Lost Princess
Watchman Arad: The Royal Papers

Maguuma Jungle

Druid's Overlook
Avatar of Dwayna (NPC): Wisdom of the Druids
Envoy Ero: Mysterious Message
Trader Versai: A Brother's Fury (Primary Quest)
Trader Versai: Eye For Profit

Alari Doubleblade: The Price of Steel

Quarrel Falls
Gareth Quickblade: White Mantle Wrath: Demagogue's Vanguard (Primary Quest)

Ettin's Back
Councilor Vaylor: Urgent Warning (Primary Quest)
Councilor Vaylor: White Mantle Wrath: A Helping Hand (Primary Quest)
Deep Root: Dropping Eaves
Deep Root: Blood And Smoke

Henge of Denravi
Shadow: Passage Through The Dark River (Primary Quest)

Crystal Desert

The Amnoon Oasis
Fangfa Tai: Ancient Secrets
Ghostly Hero: Sands Of Souls (Primary Quest)

Augury Rock
Jorn Kudebeh: Into the Unknown
Marchena: Ghostly Vengeance

Heroes' Audience
Cembrien: The Elementalist's Path
Yort the Bronze: The Misplaced Sword (Prophecies characters only)
Zratha Kor: The Necromancer's Path

Seeker's Passage
Nausuan: The Monk's Path
Telius: The Ranger's Path
Tirzah: A Belated Betrothal

Skyward Reach
Sariss Yassith: Forgotten Wisdom (Prophecies Characters only)

Destiny's Gorge
Agastos the Brave: The Warrior's Path
Annelle Fipps: The Forgotten Ones
Eulenias: The Mesmer's Path

Southern Shiverpeaks

Droknar's Forge
Captain Hugo Bronzebeard: Seeking the Seer
Vanyi: The Hero's Journey (Prophecies Characters Only)
Vanyi: The Hero's Challenge (Prophecies Characters Only)
Vision of Glint: Defend Droknar's Forge (Titan Quest)
Vision of Glint: The Last Day Dawns (Titan Quest)
Vision of Glint: Defend North Kryta Province (Titan Quest)
Vision of Glint: Defend Denravi (Titan Quest)
Vision of Glint: The Titan Source (Titan Quest)

Grenth's Footprint
Dwarven Prospector: To Sorrow's Furnace
Dwarven Prospector: The Final Assault

Sorrow's Furnace

Sorrow's Furnace
Part of To Sorrow's Furnace:
Galen Trask: Summit Slaves
1. Krak Flamewhip: Cold One
2. Krak Flamewhip: Fire in the Hole
3. Krak Flamewhip: Gathering Resources
4. Krak Flamewhip: Unruly Slaves
5. Krak Flamewhip: Wrenches in the Gears
High Priest Alkar: Unspeakable, Unknowable
Kilroy Stonekin: Kilroy Stonekin
Orozar Highstone: Noble Intentions
Orozar Highstone: Noble Intentions Plan B

Part of The Final Assault:
Ennis Granitestrider: The Forge Heart

Not part of other quests:
Molachev: Subversive Ideas
Marshall Whitman: Tasca's Reprise
Tharn Stonerift: Political Ramifications

Ring of Fire Islands

Ember Light Camp
Shadow: Final Blow (Primary Quest)

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Quest list
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