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 Glint's Challange

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PostSubject: Glint's Challange   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:37 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-

This mission may be accessed by speaking with Consular Brand Oakencask who is located at the Central Transfer Chamber. This mission is the only way to obtain a Cloth of the Brotherhood.


* Protect the Baby Dragon at all costs.
o Survive as many waves of attackers as possible.
o Destroy enemy waves quickly to earn points; the faster you kill the more points you earn.
o Earn bonus points for each Dwarf defender who survives the assault.

he main mission area contains three entrances to a room with the Baby Dragon. The rear entrance connects to an elevated loop that encircles the arena. There are two side gates which lead to pathways and monster spawn points. In the center, the baby dragon rests on an elevated platform.

You will be attacked by six waves consisting of different types of Destroyers. A new wave starts immediately after the last destroyer of the previous wave has been killed. The party gains a morale boost every time a new wave starts.

* The first wave consists of a constant swarm of weak level 10 and 15 Destroyers of Souls and Destroyers of Hordes, along with some level 20 Destroyers of Thoughts for about three minutes. Splitting into two groups along the two paths and killing the monsters at their spawn points is effective.
* The second wave consists of Destroyers of Compassion and Destroyers of Deeds. The Destroyers of Deeds block most attacks with Lightning Reflexes, making this the hardest wave for groups consisting mainly of physical damage dealers. They also use Debilitating Shot and Savage Shot, which can incapacitate your casters. Meanwhile, the Destroyers of Compassion will try to wreck your backline. This is one of the more difficult waves. Focus on killing the Destroyers of Compassion first as they deal catastrophic amounts of damage.
* In the third wave, Destroyers of Hope and Destroyers of Thoughts dig out of the ground throughout the entire arena. If not aggroed, they will circle around the area and attack the Baby Dragon from behind.
* The fourth wave consists of Destroyers of Compassion, Destroyers of Flesh, Destroyers of Sinew, Destroyers of Bones, and a few Destroyers of Souls coming down both side exits.
* The fifth wave consists of Destroyers of Hope and Destroyers of Thoughts coming through all three exits, while Destroyers of Lives pop up within range of the Baby Dragon. Interrupt the Destroyers of Lives and dispatch them quickly.
* The sixth and final wave consists of four Bosses: the Hand of Destruction, the Mind of Destruction, the Heart of Destruction, and the Flesh of Destruction.


* It is advisable to bring at least one Minion Master.
* AoE damage is especially effective; keep in mind that Destroyers are very resistant to Fire damage and immune to Burning.
* Incapacitating the Destroyers with Blind and/or Weakness is recommended, as they don't possess condition removal.

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Glint's Challange
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