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 A Time for Heroes

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PostSubject: A Time for Heroes   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:31 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Defeat the Great Destroyer.

A very successful method of clearing this mission is to stay on the shore while killing the three Destroyer of Lives in the three pools nearby the entrance. Two other Destroyers are likely to attack when killing the furthest Destroyer of Lives; also the Great Destroyer will likely use his Lava Ground ability to melt the first pool. Move to the second and finish off the third Destroyer. After this have everyone move back to the shore. Wait there until the Great Destroyer uses Lava Ground enough to dry the lava pool where the furthest Destroyer of Lives was (a player will need to move to the closest pool to trigger the Great Destroyer's skills). Once the pool dries have everyone run up to the pool and stay there.

Aggravate The Great Destroyer so he will attack your party on this plate. Have one heavily armored player keep the Great Destroyer at bay while the remaining teammates try to kill him. Make sure to have an interrupt to prevent the Great Destroyer from using Lava Ground. If he uses Lava Wave turn your attention temporarily to other targets until he rises back up. Continue till the Great Destroyer is defeated.

This quest can be completed with henchmen and heroes, though having actual players helping can make it significantly easier. Many enemies here inflict fire damage, and as such bringing skills to reduce it is advisable. Additionally, as the floor in this area is lava, you may find yourself inflicted with Burning regularly. Bringing skills that can counteract both these problems (for example: Mantra of Flame, Frigid Armor, Extinguish, Ward Against Elements) can help.

The Great Destroyer himself has several skills of particular note. The first, Call of Destruction, will summon a few Destroyers about the map that will converge on him and engage you. Also worth noting is Lava Wave as he will submerge—protecting him from direct Damage (but not Life stealing or Health degeneration)—and regenerate Health. He will surface after twelve seconds, sooner if all other Destroyers are defeated. Searing Breath can deal major damage to low-armor players. To prevent this, have a character with higher armor engage the Great Destroyer and turn him so he is facing away from the remaining party members. This way only one player is affected by this skill.

Should you choose to bring an Interrupt character, be careful in how interrupts are used. Whenever the Great Destroyer is interrupted, Enraged Blast will trigger, delivering significant AoE damage as well as knocking down anyone within earshot. Call of Destruction and Lava Ground may be the only two skills worth interrupting due to the damage you can suffer by not doing so.

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A Time for Heroes
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