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 Destructions Depths

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PostSubject: Destructions Depths   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:30 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Find and reclaim the Central Transfer Chamber
* Take command of the golems and find the missing Asuran patrol.
* Rendezvous with the Ebon Vanguard.
* Clear a path into the depths with the Ebon Vanguard.
* Continue deeper into the caverns.
* Fight beside the Norn as they hold off the Destroyers.
* Travel to the Central Transfer Chamber via the Asura Gate.
* Clear the Central Transfer Chamber of Destroyers.

Upon entering, you'll noticed three G.O.L.E.M. 2.0's along the wall with Oola. Activating each one requires a player expend 15 energy. Once activated, a player may interact with one to switch it's mode to Attack, Defense, or Ranged. Attack has melee or ranged Life Stealing and dazing attacks, defense transfers health from foes to the party, and ranged mode launches moderately powerful blasts at foes.

Plow your way through some basic cave critters to make your way to Renk and Sokka then fend off the nearby destroyers. Oola will alert the party of a missing Vanguard group nearby. You'll find Captain Langmar a short ways away accompanied by Chance Redding and Jenn Valefield. Continuing west, you'll see a number of Vanguard groups engaged with destroyers. You can try to save them, but the destroyers will likely kill them. South, you'll see a large battle between the Vanguard and destroyers. Again, the odds are stacked in favor of the destroyers, so it's often best to simply rush to the zone on the other side of the room while the Vanguard have the Destroyers occupied. If somehow you manage to save the Vanguard, then they will become enemies and attack you, however they are easy to kill.

In the next zone you'll have to reactivate the golems. A short way outside, you'll see dryders and destroyers. These groups will battle if they come within aggro range of each other. Try to run by the second group of dryders on your way to the Norn. Once at the Norn, Destroyers will start coming in from multiple fronts. Taking them all on at the same time usually leads to death, but if you position yourself away from the center (where the quest marker is), you can avoid aggro with half the assault group until you're ready for them. Another tactic is to let the golems die along the bridge, blocking the path, and thus protecting you from the Destroyers' deadly warriors and dervishes while you attack with arrows and spells. Once the assault is over, follow Olaf Olafson to where he will open a door. Follow this path, fight a few more Destroyers, and enter the portal by the Stone Dwarves into the Central Transfer Chamber( Note: if you stay long enough a large group of destroyers will come and kill off all these Stone Dwarves).

Once in the chamber, activate the golems again. This room is not very big, and the goal is simple: defeat all the Destroyers there. Take out the groups nearest you first, as you then don't have to worry about the Disc of Chaos. As soon as the Disc is attacked, most of the other destroyers in the room will aggro. (Sometimes one group does not.) Leave the Disc for last, as its devastating, powerful attacks are much easier to suppress when it is by itself. Most of its attacks are point-blank, so standard tanking procedures should be sufficient until it is defeated.

Alternate Strategy: After killing the two nearest groups, if you walk straight down from where you entered there is a small area above the Disc of Chaos with no other stairways. You can use this to aggro the groups without the Disc of Chaos reaching you, then you can defeat it by itself.

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Destructions Depths
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