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 Heart of the Shiverpeaks

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PostSubject: Heart of the Shiverpeaks   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:29 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Meet Budger Blackpowder inside the Heart of the Shiverpeaks.
* Retrieve the Hammer of the Great Dwarf from deep within the mountain caverns.
* Use Dwarven powder kegs to remove obstacles.
* Slay Cyndr the Mountain Heart.

The quest is quite straight-forward. Follow the map markers (dungeon has three levels), blow cracked walls with powder kegs from Budger Blackpowder. Once you reach the dungeon boss, Cyndr the Mountain Heart, use kegs to blow its carapace and then damage it.

After defeating him, the Mountain Heart Chest will spawn. It contains one golden item for every party member. A timer will start, leaving you three minutes to manage your inventory and pick up that item.
[edit] Getting to Heart of the Shiverpeaks

Start from Eye of the North (outpost). Go directly west to find the portal to the Battledepths. After entering, go directly to the north and then turn left and follow the northmost path as far as you can. You'll find an encampment of dwarves. Turn south east towards the stairs to the Heart of the Shiverpeaks (visible on the small 'u' map).
[edit] Level 1

On this level you need to find Budger Blackpowder who will then follow you through the rest of the dungeon. The green dots on the map indicate possible spawn locations for him. If no one in the party has the quest it is still possible to have him follow the party by having every member of the party to talk to him. After this anyone can talk to Budger to receive an explosive barrel. These can be used to destroy Cracked Walls which block the path.

Red path: This path is safer, easier and can be done with heroes.

Blue path: This is the harder path. If taking this, be sure to pull enemies when possible to avoid agroing too many enemies. This path has many Skeleton Wizards which use Blinding Surge.
[edit] Level 2

This level is short but possibly annoying for some teams. Minion masters should note that Skelk Corrupters use Verata's Aura. You can fight against the enemies as usual, but if possible you could only kill the first group and then rush past all remaining enemies to the portal then kill the group right in front of the door.
[edit] Level 3

This is the final level. There is an Area Map next to the entrance of this level which reveals the locations of the two Cracked Walls and the boss of the dungeon. If one of your party members has the Heart of the Shiverpeaks quest the boss will be Cyndr the Mountain Heart, otherwise it's Magmus. Getting to the final battle is pretty straightforward. You will face some Aggressive Oozes and Magma Blisters and a pair of fire elementals, but an organised party should not have any difficulties with them.

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Heart of the Shiverpeaks
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