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 (C6) A Gate Too Far

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PostSubject: (C6) A Gate Too Far   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:27 am

Original written by Aribeth the Ranger:-


* Help Olaf cleanse the Shrine of the Raven Spirit.
* Receive the Raven Blessing (A Gate Too Far) from the Shrine.
* Follow the Destroyer Tremor trail to its source.
* Destroy the Asura Gate to halt the Destroyer influx.
* Use Raven Flight (A Gate Too Far) to protect you from the Destroyer Tremors.
* Receive Raven Blessing from Olaf.

On the first level, follow the compass northeast to a gate which will open for you. You will see the Shrine of the Raven Spirit ahead of you, but as you approach, a Destroyer Tremor will pop up in front of it, and two more Destroyers spawn from the northeast. After you defeat them, 2 more Destroyers will spawn to the west, then the southwest corner, then the southeast corner of the room. After defeating the last group, you can receive Raven Blessing from the shrine.

Heading back south out of the room, you will see groups of Destroyers, each with a Destroyer Tremor and two other Destroyers. Aim for the Tremors first, interrupting if possible, and follow the path from one group of Destroyers to the next to find the portal to the next level.

On the second level, head straight north around the first group of Vaettirs, then west through the doorway. After fighting the second group of Vaettirs, head north then west again to the portal to the third level.

On the third level, hug the wall to the right and head straight to the group on that side. As soon as you aggro them, the group from the left will move to the middle of the room where a hidden Destroyer Tremor waits, so be careful. Proceed south slowly. There is another hidden Destroyer Tremor just ahead of the next group of Destroyers. After defeating them, head into the southwest room. You will see the Asura Gate ahead of you, but there are a number of Destroyers and 2 hidden Destroyer Tremors in between, one about halfway into the room and the other just in front of the gate.

After clearing the room, head to the gate. Once you kill the Tremor in front of it, Destroyers will start spawning from the gate, one at a time. You can try to kill the Asura Undergate while holding off the Destroyers, or the slower but much easier method is to ignore the gate and kill each Destroyer as it spawns. You should have plenty of time to kill one before the next shows up. After about the 10th Destroyer, they'll stop spawning and you can kill the Asura Undergate at your leisure.

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(C6) A Gate Too Far
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